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This is Grace, a lilac pup who belongs to Kim Baumgart of Gentle Shepherd Farms in New York State. Note the dark red spots on her coat. She may be a lilac merle or just a red merle. The jury is out. Her sire is Platinum, a blue and white Border Collie. Her dam is Pepper, below, also possibly a lilac tri, a lilac merle or just a red merle. We also have solid color puppies in chocolate, lilac, gold, blue, shaded sable, and brindle AND merle puppies that are blue, slate, chocolate, lilac, and sable. Most of the Nightshades puppies are small to medium in size weighing between 25 and 35 pounds and standing 16" to 18" at the shoulder. 1,564 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘lilacmerlebordercollie’ hashtag. They can have brown eyes and a pinkish nose leather. Zailey shown below is a lilac tri-colour, what a gorgeous girl! COAT TYPE. Another common misconception is that a Border Collie only comes with a long, thick coat. In fact Border Collies come in various coats. They.

Uno, The lilac Border Collie, San Antonio, TX. 1.5K likes. Uno is a lilac Border Collie who is a professionally trained trick dog. Nov 23, 2011 · Border collies are the most popular for many reasons, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about this wonderful working breed. Registered with ABCA & AKC for the farm or companion. We love out border collie puppies. Colors greatly vary from gold, red, lilac, chocolate, sable blue merle and of course black and whites and although some may be more uncommon in your area. Beautiful lilac Border Collie, sweet natured, a year old, female and had all of her injections. Plays well with other dogs, walks on lead, just needs a owner with a bit more time too reach her potential. Our Border Collie Girls page – Meet our current and upcoming border collie girls here. Our Border Collie Boys page – Meet our Border Collie boys here. Retired Border Collies page– Check out some our border collies ancestors. Reference Border Collies page – Learn more about some of the dogs that have helped shape our breeding program. border collie colours and how colors are genetically inherited in the border collie, the genetics of colour in border collies and color genes in border collies. border collies are black and white, black white and tan border collies, tricolour border collies, blue border collies, brown border collies, chocolate border collies, red border collies, blue merle border collies, red merle border.

Feb 21, 2018 · Tricolors are quite common among Border Collies. They come in all solid colors―black, chocolate, red, blue, lilac, etc., and are paired with tan and white, making them tricolored. One can even find merle-patterned tricolors. Pictured here are the black tricolor top and the red tricolor below. The Border Collie is generally a very hardy and healthy breed, and a responsible breeder will screen breeding stock for health conditions such as hip dysplasia, progressive renal atrophy, deafness, epilepsy, collie eye anomaly, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, and trapped neutrophil syndrome.

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