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Katie Purple Dwarf Mexican Petunia - Ruellia - 1 Gallon.

Sep 27, 2019 · Ruellia Rooted Live Plants via Amazon. A notable and popular cultivar differs from the straight species in its height. While most standard forms of Mexican petunia range in height from 18 to 36 inches, ‘Katie’s Dwarf’ ranges from eight to 12 inches tall. ‘Purple Katie’ Mexican Petunia. More About Katie Purple Dwarf Mexican Petunia. Katie Purple is a dwarf, less-aggressive version of Ruellia. About 6 inches in height, it works nicely in an informal front-of-the-border grouping or as a groundcover in narrow spaces.

The Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie’ is a dwarf horticultural selection that grows only 12–15″ high, works well as a groundcover and is very well behaved in the landscape. Both of these are commonly found in purple, but you may also find white or pink varieties. Ruellia brittoniana or Mexican petunia is. Katie Pink Dwarf Ruellia Ruellia brittoniana 'Katie Pink' Sku 8886. Spectacular dwarf variety of this easy to grow, heat-tolerant perennial is loaded with light pink flowers through out the warm season. The large, petunia-like blooms are backed by dense clumps of. Aug 31, 2016 · Kissin’ cousins: the Drummond’s ruellia and the Katie’s dwarf ruellia. On the metallic side of purple are the bodacious berries of the American beautyberry, Callicarpa americana,in full, fall form. Birds love to eat them, the gardener loves to look at them and speak and write their praises. Ruellia is a very easy to grow shrub that reaches 3 to 4 ft in height with purple flowers that constantly bloom from Spring through the Fall. Fast growing in partial to full sun, Ruellia can become invasive in moist garden soil, spreading by it’s root system and reseeding easily.

Ruellia flowers look very much like petunias, but the rest of the plant looks nothing like a petunia. Ruellia flowers come in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple and red that attract butterflies. In warm, moist subtropical locations, ruellia will re-seed heavily and is weedy. ‘Purple Showers’ does not produce seed, but will spread by rhizomes where winter hardy. Noteworthy Characteristics Ruellia simplex, commonly called Mexican petunia or Texas petunia, is a vigorous, shrubby, woody-based, rhizomatous perennial that is grown as an annual north of USDA Zone 8. This three-foot-tall evergreen shrub bears many tubular, blue or purple, petunia-like flowers on dark stems over a long period. Each flower lasts for just one day. It is a fast grower that may self-seed aggressively. Use in a border, container, or at waterside. Can be grown as an annual in cooler.

ruellia malacosperma. Shrubby perennial native to Mexico. Often confused with Ruellia tweediana, but its leaves are a bit shorter and wider. Tough plant that takes dry or wet soil. Grows 3 feet tall, 1 feet wide, with lavender flowers in summer. Alba sometimes sold as White Flower Form produces hundreds of pure white blooms from June through. Ruellia simplex is an evergreen perennial growing 3 ft 0.91 m tall, forming colonies of stalks with lance-shaped leaves that are 6 to 12 in 15 to 30 cm and.5 to.75 in 1.3 to 1.9 cm wide. Trumpet shaped flowers are metallic blue to purple, with five petals, and 3 in 7.6 cm wide.

As tough as it is beautiful, dwarf ruellia Ruellia brittoniana "Katie" is a low-growing evergreen perennial that can blanket problem areas in your garden or landscape with deep green strappy. Central Phoenix -- Katie blue Ruellia brittoniana is a very tough plant. It grows in the ground in our garden in a harsh location -- a narrow bed between a concrete walk and a brick patio, in full sun in summer and partial shade in winter. For many years it was watered sporadically, but is now on a drip system and has become more robust. Flowers & fruits: Flowers terminal on elongated, axillary peduncles, corolla to 1.5 inches long, tube about 0.5 inches across, expanded above, lobes rounded, flower colors are mostly violet purple, but also white or pink. Ruellia flowers attract bees.

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